About Us

The Scratch is an Adventist media company dedicated to presenting SDA-related news in easy-to-consume portions. Our team reads all the articles, watches all the events, and has all the conversations over coffee haystacks with church leaders so you don’t have to. Want to know all the details? We got you, fam. In a rush and just need to Scratch the surface? We definitely got you, fam.

In 2018 the company was founded by two Adventist millennials who realized:

  1. A lot is happening in the SDA church and “younger” people care.

  2. People didn’t know what was happening (even if they were talking about it).

  3. There were too many things to listen to, watch, and read to get even a basic understanding.

Ryan Becker, pastor and podcaster, was studying (in-depth) all the happenings of the church and summarizing it through the fastest growing Adventist podcast “Absurdity.” After discovering his online “congregation” was 25x the size of his actual congregations, he realized the large number of unaccounted-for Adventists who are still plugged in.

Meanwhile, film producer Kevin Christenson heard Ryan’s content and suggested a new way of delivering it to a hungry audience with minimal time. While listening to a friend’s concert the two were iMessaging ideas (yes, in the same room)...which turned into a name...which turned into buying domain names...and the Scratch was born.

The Scratch brings the major news stories to you in bite-sized rundowns - with personality 😎. Of course, if you want to know more we have those links, too. Everyone has opinions and it’s good to hear ‘em out--as long as they’re not stated as facts. We strive to make those moments clear. We believe conversation is good, but that uninformed conversation can hinder what we are here to do. Plus, we’re independent of the organizations we cover. We don’t claim to be journalists; just Adventist news consumers breaking it down into conversation and starting from Scratch.