1990 General Conference Session

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At the 1990 General Conference session, the controversial motion for women’s ordination (from the two reports: 1989 Fall Annual Council and 1989 Commission on Women’s Role in the Church) was submitted to the floor. This motion called for a vote on whether or not to permit the ordination of women on a global scale.
Since the topic had been discussed at the 1989 Fall Annual Council meeting, its recommendations were submitted to the floor. The Chairman requested everyone present pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in their decision-making process.

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With a vote of 1173 in favor and 377 opposed, the 1990 GC Session voted to accept the recommendations of the 1989 Fall Annual Council as the final say. The final resolutions of the Annual Council deliberation were:

1.     While the Commission does not have a consensus as to whether or not the scriptures and the writings of Ellen G. White explicitly advocate or deny the ordination of women to pastoral ministry, it concludes unanimously that these sources affirm a significant, wide-ranging, and continuing ministry for women which is being expressed and will be evidenced in the varied and expanding gifts according to the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

2.     Further, in view of the widespread lack of support for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry in the world Church and in view of the possible risk of disunity, dissension, and diversion from the mission of the Church, we do not approve ordination of women to the gospel ministry.

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Basically, the voted resolution is two parts:

1.     The Church is affirming that while Ellen White is not specific about the ordination of women, women still have an important role in ministry.

2.     While the Church recognizes their importance in general ministry, they do not approve women to be ordained into the gospel ministry because of the potential organizational impact.

1989 Commission on the Role of Women in the Church

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