Frequently Asked Questions


How do I read the Scratch?

The Need to Know: This multi-paragraph rundown scratches the surface of the week’s main story. It covers one story, with any opinions summarized at the end (Word on the Street)
Ought to Know: This section covers other stories in a paragraph-per-story rundown. Each story is its own paragraph.

Why did you start this?

We saw there was a need for accessible, easily digestible news within Adventism. We want to empower Adventists to participate in the ongoing life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and provide a space for people to find information and ways to contribute to the conversation. Everyone is having conversations, we just want to transform those into informed conversations.

Why do you think this is needed?

There is a lot of tension and conflict in Adventism that has existed for awhile. None of that can be resolved if people don’t have easy-to-access information (and the right information). In order to move us forward as a church, it’s important that all of us have the ability to fully participate through knowledge, conversation, and advocacy. We make that information easy to find.

What’s your bias?

We do our best to remain as objective as possible, and we make sure to put any opinions in a section that is clearly marked in each article. Our ultimate goal is that The Scratch would be a positive contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and can be a reliable source for people from all expressions of Adventism. Sometimes, we may get things wrong because we are human, too. Whenever we miss the mark, we will be up front and make the appropriate corrections.

Aren’t you just copying what other news sites already do?

Our wording is our own and our content is our own. Anything that we source from is linked so that you can see clearly where we found information and you can “deep dive” on your own into different aspects of a topic that may interest you. We don’t want to steal traffic from other sources. In fact, we want to help drive more traffic to other news sources so people can get as much information as they desire.

How do you choose your sources?

We look for sources that try to present unbiased news. We do not count blogs with a news section as a news source and we try not to source from the “opinion” section of any of these sites unless it in and of itself is the news that is being covered. Sites we use include,,,, and occasionally we will rely on social media where a story might be developing but it hasn’t been picked up on by any publications, yet. We also will source from any official Adventist publication such as Conference and Union-level magazines.

How do you pick your writers?

We find people who are passionate about current events in Adventism and are skilled writers. If they believe in what we are doing, have a solid understanding of how the denomination functions as an institution, and care about keeping people informed, then we are interested!

How do you decide what content is relevant to The Scratch?

While we love what happens at the local level of the Church and we believe that is where lives are most directly impacted, our aim on The Scratch is to keep people informed on broad events. We focus on content that is at the Conference level or higher or content that is viral and being discussed.

Is this run by a conference, union, division, or the GC?

This is independent of any Adventist institution with the support of many Conference and Union-level officials. We aim to be very transparent in everything we do so that our readers can trust the information they are receiving.

How can I get involved?

Contact us with your name, age, why you want to be a part of The Scratch, and a brief summary of your writing experience.