One Small Step for Man...



One Small Step for Man...

Adventist medical student Han Ji Man filed a lawsuit with the Korean Supreme Court against his medical school after leadership would not excuse him from Sabbath exams. Han Ji Man first filed this lawsuit in the lower court during his first year of medical school. The two-year legal ordeal finally ended last month with a victory for Man.

Make It a Supreme

The country’s Supreme Court upheld Han Ji Man’s right to take university exams outside of Sabbath hours, providing a judicial precedent for future Sabbath-related lawsuits. Legally, the Korean Constitution forbids discrimination on the basis of religion; yet professional accreditation exams are often scheduled on Saturdays. Many Adventists have been forced to sacrifice career and education advancement for their belief as the courts have not protected their right to reschedule exams.

When They Go Low...We Go to a Higher Court

After unsuccessfully petitioning professors and school administrators, as well as appealing to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, Han Ji Man filed the lawsuit in a lower court and lost. Next, he appealed to the high court and won. The medical school appealed the result to the Supreme Court, but the high court’s ruling upheld.

What People are Saying

Adventists in Korea are celebrating what is being hailed as a “landmark ruling.” Some are hoping this will inspire more faithful action in South Korea.


When School Hits You Too Hard (Literally)

Earlier this month, a video went viral in Uganda, showing two staff members from the Ishaka Adventist School of Nursing “caning” five students. The Ugandan government prohibits any form of physical punishment “at all levels of education and sports.” The viral video caused outrage in the country, resulting in the eventual suspension of the two staff members. Lydia Komugisha, a school senior administrator, apologized to the victims of this abuse. Investigators from the Ministry of Education and Sports are said to visit the school and will produce a report of their findings.

From West Coast to Far-East Coast

Ginger Ketting-Weller, the current dean of the School of Education at La Sierra University, will become the new president of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) starting July 1, 2019, after finishing the current school year at La Sierra. Located 25 miles south of Manila, AIIAS is hosted by the Northern Asia-Pacific and Southern Asia-Pacific divisions and is one of four institutions directly overseen by the GC. It currently serves over 800 students, both on campus and online, training students in 4 areas: education, business, public health, and theology.

But for Real….This is the Last One...Maybe

On February 17-18 in Redlands, CA, CrossWalk church pastor Tim Gillespie hosted the (for real) last, last-last OneProject. Leadership of the movement previously said the events in San Diego and Sydney would be the final meetings of the controversial gathering since its inception in 2011, but after the Fall Annual Council 2018, they decided there was sufficient need to reconvene. The crowd of more than 550 people soaked up the messages and discussion with enthusiasm. According to attendee reports, the audience was mostly older Adventists in the 50+ age demographic with a sprinkling of younger adults and students.

You are what you eat

If you thought Fyre Festival food was bad...