Fulcrum7 drops a diss track



Fulcrum7 drops a diss track

Fulcrum7, the far-right-leaning Adventist publication, has written several articles critiquing the North American Division. The first article critiques the NAD’s percentage of remittances (think: tithe) to the General Conference. The author (“Seymour”) goes on to say that due to the NAD’s wealth, it should not be reducing its GC-decided amount of tithe to the world church as it has an obligation to give generously. In another article, the author encourages people to stop paying tithe to non-compliant divisions, suggesting the “loving and redemptive thing to do is to send a strong message to these defiant divisions and cease empowering them as they hijack the institutions of the Church.” Fulcrum7 has also claimed that the NAD plans to “ordain 1,000 female pastors.”

Quick, flip it and reverse it

The NAD responded by saying they “continue to move forward with its plan to hire 1,000 women for pastoral ministry positions, which is completely in line with General Conference Policy, allowing women to be hired as church pastors.” The NAD also rejected the suggestion of tithe redirection as it would harm the local church, not just the entities toward which the withholders disagree. The NAD ended their response by reaffirming their commitment to the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Do we count her when we counter your counter?

Fulcrum7 then responded to the NAD’s counter article by doubling down on their original stances while providing context for the NAD’s criticisms. For example, they do not feel the NAD is being forthright in its intent to appoint female pastors and are claiming that the ultimate end to appointing a pastor is to ordain them. They also cite their own leadership’s statements clarifying that while they allow for a variety of views to be shared on their platform, Fulcrum7 leadership does not endorse or agree with everything its writers suggest. Fulcrum7 ends their turn with seven questions they want NAD administration to answer specifically - one of which is not actually a question. It’s unclear if the NAD will have a follow-up to this or if they will let it go.

Word on the street is

Many have questioned if the NAD should have responded to these claims at all as it drives more traffic to the accusations and gives Fulcrum7 “what they wanted” (i.e. validation and attention). Others praise Fulcrum7 for standing up to Dan Jackson and the NAD, holding them accountable to following policy and supporting the world church.


Pop that Martinelli’s Papi

On January 3, 2019, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed Bill 2,171/2003, giving students the right to be exempt from/skip any classes/exams that fall on their day of worship. For Adventists, this could impact up to 100,000 high school students.

ADRA Kedavra

ADRA has pledged $50,000 to Adventist Community Services in California to help families recovering from November’s wildfires. The bulk of that money will go to providing kitchen kits that include cooking utensils, pots, and pans. ADRA’s initiative will not only help families regain control of their health, but begin their return to a sense of normalcy.

Hasta La (Sierra) Vista

Randal R. Wisbey, president of La Sierra University, has announced he will step down effective June 30, 2019. He cites continuing issues with his eyes following four surgeries in 18 months as the main contributing factor. While his leadership has been highly praised, it hasn’t been without controversy. In 2010, the Michigan Conference voted to discontinue Employee Tuition Assistance subsidy for any employees sending their students to La Sierra, citing issues regarding the inclusion of evolution in on-campus classes.

Sapphira or Sephora?