Sapphira or Sephora?



Sapphira or Sephora?

Sarah Kurtz, wife of Berrien County Sheriff Martin Kurtz and ex-Secretary/Treasurer of Village Elementary Adventist School in Berrien Springs, Michigan, has allegedly embezzled approximately $229,000, according to a letter by Village Church sent to parents. Authorities allege she took the money between 2011 and 2018.

Release the tax forms!...oh wait, wrong case.

An internal investigation into Sarah was conducted through the school and church involving local law enforcement. Last November, a letter from school and church officials stated the school had been defrauded approximately $229,000. This is said to have happened through debit card purchases, cash payments, personal transfers, and more.

Was the Sheriff in on it?

An independent investigation was run to see if he had any knowledge, but at this time no evidence has been found to suggest her husband (County Sheriff) was aware.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200...or $100,000 either

Sarah was arraigned Thursday, January 10 on a charge of embezzling $100,000 or more, a 20-year felony. Future court dates haven’t been set, as the County Trial Court Judge disqualified himself from the case for an unknown reason. School officials have assured church and school families they will tighten up internal controls and systems of accountability to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


It’s Texico, not Texaco

The Texico Conference (West Texas and New Mexico) has joined the Upper Columbia Conference (Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and North-eastern Oregon) in denouncing the group calling themselves “World Church Affirmation Sabbath” (WCAS). The Southwestern Union has also issued a statement supporting Texico. WCAS has caused confusion in their branding and strategy leading many to believe they are an officially sanctioned church organization, even though they are fully independent. Many believe that WCAS has caused further disruption, while those that buy in to WCAS’ vision believe that there is need to affirm and submit to recent General Conference votes.

Jamaican me healthy

The SDA Church in Jamaica has joined with Jamaica’s Ministry of Health government office in their “adopt-a-clinic” program. Churches will adopt 100 government clinics in an effort to bring upgrades to physical infrastructure and to educate those using the facilities. This initiative will provide help for health professionals and assist the country in its fight against non-communicable diseases.


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