A 58-year-old woman (known only by her initials) in Moncton, New Brunswick has filed a lawsuit against the SDA Church claiming that her former school teacher, Clifford Wilson, sexually abused her as a teenager. Reported in June of 2018,

“Please hold. Your approximate hold time is...44 years”

The woman claims she met Wilson in 1973 as his only student in 8th grade; she was 13. The school operated out of the basement of a former SDA church.  While nothing has been proven in court yet, she alleges the sexual abuse continued for two years. According to the lawsuit, complaints were brought before the church in May 1974, but were ignored. Since the school didn’t remove him, the abuse allegedly continued for another year.

Cue Shaggy... It Wasn’t Me

Wilson now lives in Washington, and when reached on his phone by CBC news, said he knew nothing about a lawsuit or sexual abuse allegations, which he denied.


Skin dem teeth mon (smile), we a-credited

On December 6, 2018, the Jamaican government accredited the North Caribbean University (NCU), making it only one of three higher learning institutions with such  status in the country. This accreditation will be valid starting February 17. One benefit is that Adventist-run NCU can now produce and offer careers without the need of going to the University Council of Jamaica. Church officials are thrilled as this will also positively impact the university’s ability to reach non-Christian students.

Disabilities Don’t Stop Possibilities

Shawn Morelli is a former Army engineer officer wounded in Afghanistan in 2007. She began cycling in 2010 and joined the U.S. National Team in 2014. A road and track cycling two-time gold medalist in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, she has officially been named to the 2019 U. S. Paralympic Cycling National Team. In November of 2018 she joined Team PossAbilities, Loma Linda University Health’s non-profit community outreach program, after seeing the positive impact they’ve made in the lives of those suffering from permanent physical disabilities. Many have said she serves as an inspiration not only to other athletes with disabilities chasing their dreams, but to the greater Loma Linda area, as well.

Lookout Ben Carson, there’s another Adventist politician in town...for now...

Sapphira or Sephora?