You are what you eat



You are what you eat

Loma Linda University has published a study that links poor diet with higher levels of mental illness. The study found the results were not impacted by other personal traits like gender, age, income, or education. The researchers found that unhealthy diet choices—including high intake of sugar, processed grains, and fried foods—correlated with moderate to severe psychological distress.

Eat your feelings...

The researchers looked at data from almost 250,000 telephone surveys over ten years. Although the researchers did not find a causal relationship, the study did report a correlation between unhealthy dietary choices and mental illness, when subjects were compared with participants who ate a healthier diet. The study was published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition on February 16.

17 Again

Mental health affects nearly 17 percent of adults in California alone. This study indicates that good nutrition should be a component of mental health treatment. In addition to informing treatment, this study will provide a basis for future research and preventative wellness.

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Both the scientific and health communities have taken interest as the study shows how diet affects more than just physical health, but mental health, too. It has already caught the interest of several online outlets, including and


I volunteer as tribute

What began as a monthly, free community dinner at the Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School is now turning into a “pay-what-you-can” café. Daniel’s Kitchen will allow patrons who cannot afford to pay the option of volunteering to help at the restaurant instead. Awaiting final approval from the health department, the café hopes to open in early March.

Casino Royale

On February 21st, at the 26th Annual Children’s Hospital Foundation Gala Themed “Passport to Healthy,” Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital received a $25 million gift. The Gala itself raised $1,638,570 and that money will continue to benefit Vision 2020: The Campaign for a Whole Tomorrow, which supports the construction of a new Children’s Hospital Tower, but the large donation was given by The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized Indian tribe located near the city of Highland, California. There has been a long lasting relationship between the Tribe and Loma Linda spanning over 100 years. While many see this as a huge blessing, there are those within Adventism who believe that because the organization runs a 500,000 sq ft casino with 4,800 slot machines in California, it is unethical for Loma Linda University Health to receive money that is linked to “sinful behavior.”

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